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After completing the Tourism Management programme

You will be following the Bachelor Tourism Management programme in Amsterdam/Diemen: the international no.1 hotspot for tourism in the Netherlands. The latest developments in tourism are taking place here. For example by using recreation and tourism to add value to urban neighbourhoods. This is where progressive (online) initiatives, innovative start-ups and major national and international players come together. You will be getting to know these players based on issues from professional practice and will be presenting your solutions. In this way, you will be proving yourself to a network of valuable contacts and immediately building a CV with highly relevant cases. This makes the transition to a paid job after graduation all the easier.

What will my four-year journey lead to? You might, for example, go on to become a professional in city marketing, at a tour operator, an event organisation, a municipality or you might set up your own company. You will have received a broad enough education to seize the opportunities available in an industry that is about to burst back into life.  Companies are desperate for young, creative professionals who can contribute to coming up with new sustainable and smart solutions.

Jobs within your reach

  • Product manager
  • (Online) marketing manager
  • Marketing strategy
  • Entrepreneur in the travel industry
  • Purchasing manager (in the Netherlands or abroad)
  • City marketing expert or policy officer/adviser at a municipality
  • Manager of a tour operator, hotel chain, airline, tourist attraction or conference venue

Less typical careers

  • (Tour)guide
  • Flight attendant
  • Receptionist
  • Food & Beverage manager

What will your job entail?

With the bachelor programme in tourism, you will have the world at your feet. You will be able to develop innovative concepts, have management skills and you’ll feel at home in the dynamic world of travel – but not just there. As a tourism professional, the world is your oyster. Here are a few examples of jobs that align with your education:

  • Sustainable travel expert

As a sustainable travel expert, you will be putting together trips with a focus on experience and a responsible means of travel. When buying hotels, transport and excursions, you will always consider the impact on the environment and local residents. You will have a preference for small, local initiatives and unknown destinations rather than crowded tourist spots and large accommodation.

  • (Online) marketing manager

In this job, you will be dealing with the marketing of a product or an organisation, often based on a strategy, both online and offline. You will be leading a team that inspires you to work in a creative and innovative way. You will be putting yourself in the customers' shoes and take into account the latest trends. That is how you manage to trigger them again and again.

  • City marketing expert

You will be advising local authorities on tourism-related issues and developing solutions to complex problems. How do you prevent overtourism in a popular area? How do you spread visitors across a city? And what should a municipality consider when opening a new attraction? You will be working as a policy officer, at a city marketing organisation or as a freelancer for your own company.

  • Entrepreneur

This involves starting your own business and focusing on those aspects in the tourism industry that interest you – such as offering tailor-made trips You will be specialising in a niche and introducing an entirely new sustainable concept. In this dynamic industry, you can really go in any direction – whether alone or working with a team of experts.

What career opportunities do you have as a Tourism Management graduate?

Graduate Julia Bakces talks about her current job.


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Interested in continuing your studies?

A degree programme at Inholland University of Applied Sciences prepares you for a fully-fledged career in professional practice. However, there are students who want to continue their development after graduation. If that should apply to you, then you will be able to follow a suitable programme at various universities.

You may choose to pursue one of the following programmes for further education:

  • Leisure Sciences
  • Recreation and Tourism Studies
  • Leisure, Tourism and Environment
  • Business and Communication Sciences
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • International and Tourism Studies
  • European Master in Tourism Management


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