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You have an open mind. You love discovering new cultures and travelling the world. That’s why the tourism industry attracts you. You are also a real go-getter and have a fondness for organizing things. You are open for all possibilities and not afraid of sudden changes – in other words, you are highly flexible. At the same time, you are stubborn enough to be able to make your own choices. Certainly in the coming years, you are willing to travel far and wide in order to achieve a better understanding of your own character. You will be absorbing new knowledge and taking on challenges with an open mind. You will want to meet new people and get to know yourself better. This is how you will ultimately grow into a professional with character. Does this sound a lot like you? Then take a look at the curriculum of the Tourism Management programme.


Tourism Management is a four-year degree programme. You will be studying the programme in Amsterdam/Diemen, the largest metropolitan area in the Netherlands and amidst the tourist hotspots of Amsterdam. This is where the latest developments take place. Get a lot of knowledge through practical case studies, group work, learning how to solve current issues and discover many inspiring companies and professionals.

Study programme

A brief outline

Like any other journey, tourism management starts with a broad orientation phase. In Years 1 and 2 of the Bachelor's programme, you discover what tourism and leisure have to offer. What organisations are out there, what does the work of a tour operator entail and what are the key developments around themes such as sustainability, authentic experiences and the increasing pressure of tourism on cities?

You quickly become familiar with these issues in practice, as you will be working on real, topical cases of (international) organisations, with whom we work closely, with other students and your coaches. This is how you come up with innovative and creative solutions – exactly the way it works in the business world. You also learn all kinds of practical skills that you need as a professional.

Forms of study

The full-time programme makes use of various forms of study:

    • Living labs: you will be working with students from other programmes to design innovative solutions to topical issues that will actually be implemented by businesses.
    • Lectures, tutorials and guest lectures.
    • Courses and trainings to further develop your professional and personal skills.
    • Field trips and international excursions.
    • Group work and individual assignments.

Year 1 First-year curriculum

First year

From green travel to over tourism and from commercialisation to small scale – during the first year, you will be getting a good overview of the tourism industry and all related aspects. How do you develop a tourism product that fits in with current trends? And how do you market a new destination strategically – without losing sight of sustainability?

Elements that will in any case be covered this year:

  • You will be discovering how tourism products are created.
  • You will be examining how the sector is developing.
  • You will be identifying trends and how to respond to them.
  • You will be following English, digital marketing courses, communication trainings, culture and management courses.
  • You will take part in study trips, excursions and company visits.
  • You will be attending lectures by guest lecturers from the business world.
  • You will be working with fellow students to come up with solutions to concrete issues raised by organisations, under the supervision of the coaches.

Year 2 - Deepening knowledge

Second year

Tourism Management is a management programme, which means learning how to be an entrepreneur, how to manage an organisation and becoming familiar with all aspects related to the tourism sector. This will be the focus of the second year, which again will see a combination of theory and practice.

Elements that will in any case be covered this year:

  • You will be working on projects that focus on companies and organisations in the tourism industry.
  • You will be developing a tourism product or service, going through all components of the process – from concept to realisation.
  • You will become familiar with the position of a manager and what that entails in practice.
  • You will take part in study trips, excursions, company visits and guest lectures.
  • You will be working with fellow students to come up with solutions to concrete issues from professional practice that are slightly more complex than in the first year.

Elective tracks

Over the course of this year, you will be choosing the direction you want to take in the last two years of your studies. The range of courses on offer keeps up with current developments and therefore changes regularly. Follow your personal interests: what do you find relevant and interesting? Would you like to study in different places abroad? Are you interested in deepening or broadening your knowledge? The choice is yours.

Year 3 - Work placement and specialisation

Third year

From the third year onwards, you will be following your path in a flexible way and incorporating various course components of your choice, which will be practical tracks and elective tracks.

Practical track

Interested in doing independent work at an organisation that suits you, in the Netherlands or far beyond? The third year focuses on a practical track: you will be doing a 5-month work placement either in the Netherlands or abroad and putting everything you have learned into practice. Whether you choose a large or a small organisation – each day you will be getting one step closer to starting your career. Everything you do and learn will be recorded in your portfolio. In this way, you will immediately build up your CV, which may help you when you switch to a paid job at a later stage.

Elective tracks with practical cases in the Netherlands and abroad

After your practical track, you will be able to choose between following elective tracks at one of our three locations in the Netherlands or (again) abroad. Opting to follow both an international practical track and study abroad means that you will be able to gain international experience for an entire academic year.

Pick the things that interest you from the wide range of elective tracks and follow your own academic pathway. It will be a voyage that will take in relevant issues facing tourism, which you will be exploring in practice in living labs and tourism specialisation programmes. These will be places where you will meet students from other programmes in order to come up with solutions to complex issues. These will be exciting, surprising projects that will really benefit companies.

Examples of practical cases include:

  • You will be examining to what extent existing or new products are sustainable and/or socially responsible. This may, for example, include the development of a new walking trail in a city or in nature, as well as escape rooms, events, travel programmes, marketing campaigns or social media plans.
  • You will be examining where opportunities in tourism lie for the local population, so that they themselves can contribute to the development of their community.
  • You will be conducting a destination analysis and devising a corresponding marketing strategy.
  • You will gain insight into how a tourism product can be better attuned to the search and booking behaviour of customers.
  • You will be developing new and local leisure products.
  • You will be examining possible solutions for destinations threatened by over tourism.

Year 4 - Graduation phase

Fourth year

In the fourth year of the Bachelor's programme, you will specialise further and follow another six months of practice-oriented elective tracks. You will be able to decide when you do what. You will also be doing an independent project which will be the basis for your graduation. You can either choose to explore a destination close by or far away. It’s up to you. By this time you will be aware of where your interests lie and which subjects suit you. The focus will increasingly be on professional practice to which you will apply your theoretical knowledge.

During the graduation process, you will be doing research, developing a product (further) or doing both. The entire process must be recorded in a professional manner and be presented alongside the portfolio you have built up.

Once you have successfully completed the bachelor programme in Tourism Management you will receive the title of Bachelor of Arts – congratulations!

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