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For talented organizers with international ambitions

The programme Tourism Management fulltime

Get closer to yourself by going further than ever before. Because Tourism Management is all about you.

Result-oriented, inspiring, adventurous, curious and innovative: sounds like you?

You are driven by a desire to discover new people, countries, and cultures, and to make the world a more beautiful place. The monotony of a daily routine isn't for you; you crave adventure and exploration. You want to immerse yourself in different cultures and gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

As a Tourism Management student, you will make sure the world gets seen. You will put a destination on the map, use social media to reach new markets and unleash your creativity on challenging issues.

But will it be management, marketing or consulting? You are not sure yet.

What you do know is that you want to go out into the world. To discover all its beauty - but mostly yourself. Discover what you really like by stepping out of your comfort zone.

During your studies, you will discover, find and take new opportunities. You will experience all the world has to offer you - and vice versa. Because you know: if you want to, you can get there.

Study programme overview

Obtain your Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management over the course of four years in Amsterdam.

General programme structure

General programme structure

Your journey starts with a comprehensive introduction to the field. In years 1 and 2, you will discover all that tourism and recreation have to offer. During the first two years, the focus is on developing personal skills such as communication, organization, creativity, innovation, and more.

In doing so, we cover topics such as sustainability, organizational skills and the impact of an ever-changing world on tourism. The programme culminates in collaborative projects tackling real-world challenges faced by domestic and international organisations.

Starting in year 3, you form teams to solve more complex issues, sometimes even with students from other programmes (multidisciplinary teams):

  • How do you attract tourism to a city?
  • How do you set up a tourist office to provide the best service for tourists?
  • How do you create an engaging and sustainable travel experience with a tour operator?

While the first two years provide broad training, you have the opportunity to choose a specific direction starting in year three,  specialisation such as:

  • Business Travel
  • Culture Tourism
  • Responsible Travel
  • Tourist Experience
  • Tourism Development
  • Hospitality Management

You will have the chance to pursue adventure through internships and immersive programmes abroad. Whether you choose Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Lapland, or another exciting destination is entirely up to you.

This is the real deal. This is why you choose Tourism Management: to discover your abilities, your strengths and your interests.

At the end of your journey, you will be a full-fledged tourism professional and ready to inspire others.  For example, because you created a diverse, cultural programme. Or because you helped contribute to the economic growth of local people.

Study effectively thanks to different forms of education

During the study, we mix theoretical knowledge with a practical approach:

  • Assignments: together with other students, you design innovative solutions to issues that are applied by real companies. You will also go on field visits and (inter)national excursions.
  • Hearing, working and guest lectures: because you learn best by using theory and practice together.
  • Courses and training: develop faster as a person and professional in specialised areas. From management to marketing.
  • Group work and individual assignments: discover, try and do during practical assignments. Together with other students, or individually.

Year 1 - Onboarding

Year one - Onboarding

The start of your journey is where we build a solid foundation. You will get a good idea of the tourism industry. From green travel to over-tourism, from commercialisation to small-scale tourism.

  • You can spot trends and know how to capitalize on them.
  • You will discover how to develop and market tourism products.
  • You will learn how to research developments in the tourism industry.
  • You participate in study trips, excursions and visits to (international) companies
  • You will take classes from experienced guest lecturers from the business and tourism sectors.
  • Together with fellow students, you will develop creative solutions to issues of different organisations. This is under the guidance of your learning coach.


Intercultural communicationSales and marketing in tourismProduct developmentInternational business ethicsE-commerceEnglish(Financial) ManagementResearch

Year 2 - Deep-dive

Year two - Deep-dive

Tourism Management is and always will be a management course. You learn more about product development, marketing communications and how to work in an organisation, especially in the tourism industry.

In year 2, theory and practice come together:

  • You participate in study trips, excursions and visits to (international) companies.
  • You will be stimulated to discover all sides of managing a tourism organisation. In theory, and in practice. 
  • You will discover the role of a manager in this industry, learn new management skills and find out if it suits you.
  • You will conceive and create a tourism product or service going through the entire journey: from creative concept to tangible elaboration.
  • You choose the direction you want to take in the last 2 years of the study programme. Follow your personal interests, strengths and passion: which direction do you want to go?
  • Together with fellow students, you will come up with solutions for real-world challenges - but a bit more complicated than in the first year.

Determine your own study route

In the course of the second year, you determine the direction for the last 2 years of your studies. Now you have a better understanding of which way you want to go, you can choose a path that suits your ambitions, interests and skills.

Year 3 - Field track & specialisation

Year three - Field track & specialisation

Design your own route with freedom and flexibility. Build your own programme in the third and fourth years. This is your path to a successful graduation.

Set your own direction thanks to our 'tracks'

  • Follow tracks in the Netherlands or abroad. You will complete a 5-month field track (internship) with a tourism organisation and put into practice what you learned in years 1 and 2.
  • You will learn, discover, and build a portfolio for the future.

Tracks full of challenging issues

  • Follow a choice-track. Again, in the Netherlands or abroad. That is up to you
  • During this choice-track, you will solve tourism issues during practical assignments and tourism specialisation programmes. Together with fellow students, you will come up with solutions for a variety of projects. Solutions that help real companies

Examples of challenges:

  • You will develop new, recreational products for the local tourist office.
  • You research possible solutions for locations with (a risk) of over-tourism.
  • You will create a destination analysis and create a marketing strategy that highlights your destination.
  • Through research, you will identify opportunities within the tourism industry that benefit local communities. By helping these communities seize these opportunities, you will contribute to their success and prosperity.

You research whether, and how, sustainable or socially responsible new and existing products are. Consider options such as guided walking tours, escape rooms, special events, travel programmes, targeted marketing campaigns, and strategic social media plans.

Year 4 - Graduation

Year four - Graduation

In your final year, you specialise even further during practical choice-tracks that you follow for half a year.

And again: you decide when to do what. Just like deciding on a project you graduate on. Will you choose to stay close to home in the Netherlands, or venture out to an unknown destination beyond our borders?

Our focus is increasingly on practical, hands-on learning that allows you to apply your theoretical knowledge and gain valuable experience.

During your graduation, you research or develop a tourism product. Want to do both? Sure, why not. You have complete freedom to choose how you graduate.

You will gain the skills to document the entire process in a professional manner and present it, along with your portfolio, to showcase your achievements.

After 4 years, you are at your destination. You have successfully completed the Bachelor of Tourism Management and will get your Bachelor of Arts handed to you.

And then? Then the world is at your feet. Time to explore it even more. Because if you want, the world is yours.

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Our goal is to make you feel at home at Inholland, and we will do everything we can to achieve that. We ensure that you understand the structure of the programme and that you maximise your potential. You will have your own study career learning coach, join a group and receive personal feedback during group and individual meetings.

Having trouble with specific sections or learning difficulties? Our student counsellor will help you along, so you can move forward without hassle.

Dare to do

Make unforgettable memories and experiences for life during your travels and internships, here in the Netherlands or out in the open world.

Beautiful Argentina, faraway Australia, sunny Mexico, swinging Brazil or the endless opportunities in the United States? These are the places you just might visit while studying.

You will receive extensive guidance during your internship (abroad). Doing a study abroad? Guidance will be provided by our respective partner institution.

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