Tourism Management (EN) fulltime

"It takes courage and passion to come and study abroad and adapt to a new world."

Graduate Mihaela Duia

My name is Mihaela and I come from Romania. I have always wanted to study abroad and the choices were limitless. Choosing to study Tourism Management at this University was a well-thought decision, one that I don't regret. I went to the University Fair in Bucharest and met some of the teachers. I found them very friendly, open-minded. The structure of the programme (practice-based learning) and their friendliness made me take the decision to come to Inholland.

The education is very different from what I experienced back home. At first, it was challenging to get used to working in projects, field work and some exams. In less than one month, I felt I made the right choice. I like the teaching methods, facilities, the project work and the permanent contact that you have with the industry. Also, the teachers have experience in the field so they combine the theory with real-life examples.

During these 4 years, I've gained the necessary knowledge to work in the tourism industry in an interactive and practice-based method. This and the friendliness of all my teachers kept me motivated to come to classes and pass all my exams. Besides all the theory, I have done what I like the most: travelling! I went to all the school trips, but also organised my own: Germany, Canary Islands, Ireland, Spain and Morocco.

During the programme I gained a lot of practical experience through project work, work experience (internship) and individual projects. I did my internship in Ireland, in Cork for a 5 star Resort; I worked for the Marketing and Sales department. I have applied knowledge and trend that I studied in the first two years and gained a lot of experience in the field. After my internship, I knew that marketing in tourism is something that I am good at and I would like to focus in the future.

The internship is an important part of the study, it is a full time job that you apply and work for 20 weeks. It prepared me for my future career and I came back with a lot of knowledge and experience.

I live in Amsterdam, which is one of the most international cities in Europe. Here I have had the chance to meet people from all walks of life. Studying abroad is no piece of cake, but with the right motivation and patience it will all work out. The Dutch culture is quite different from my own, but I have learnt to appreciate certain aspects of it. Studying in a multicultural environment is a big plus of this programme and it is something that helped me understand other cultures better and broaden my horizon.

After graduation, I found a job in less than one month and I enjoy my work. I am involved in many interactive activities, social media, and marketing. I have always liked to work with people, be able to share my ideas and implement them. After graduating, you feel ready to work in an international team, give and receive feedback and come up with problem-solving and innovative ideas.

In five years from now, I would like to have gained experience in working for a multinational company, a destination management company or in hotels and to share my knowledge and my skills. I do not have a dream job, but I am looking forward to having my own tourism company one day and create dreams for people.

It takes courage and passion to come and study abroad and adapt to a new world. If you are ready for a lifetime challenge, this is your chance!


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