Associate degree Electronic Music (ENG) full-time

You are a music professional, what can you expect?

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So now you’ve finished your two years Associate degree studies and you are a music professional, what can you expect?

  • As a producer / artist you compose, produce and release electronic music within an authentic artistic concept. You might also perform (inter)nationally as an artist in clubs and/or festivals.  
  • You have an outward focus and you are aware of what is current in the industry in order to exploit your music. You will be working independently as well as collaborating with others, while reaching out to professional partners and consumers.  
  • You have an entrepreneurial attitude. You earn your income as an independent entrepreneur through for example: royalties, publishing, live fees and record sales. You perceive, create and seize opportunities, operate in a plan-based manner and have knowledge of various business aspects.  

(Online) Open Day 6 April

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After graduating, you can continue your education with a bachelor's degree, like Muziek (in Dutch) or Creative Business (in English and Dutch).


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