Associate degree Electronic Music (EN) fulltime

Apply for Associate degree Electronic Music

Step-by-step Application Process
Apply via Studielink

You start your application in Studielink, the online application and registration service for universities in the Netherlands. Depending on where you live, you will need to follow different steps to complete your application. 

Registration for can take longer for foreign students, due to the procedures needed to verify your qualifications. The recommended deadline to be part of the September 2022 cohort is the 20th of February 2022.

Go to Studielink to apply

Start using your Inholland account

A few days after your application, you will receive two emails from Inholland. These emails contain information about using your Inholland account. Do this immediately, because your password will expire within a few days.

Check Selfservice for your application requirements

One of the mails contains the link to Selfservice. In the portal, you will find the application requirements that apply to you. These conditions depend on the chosen programme and your personal situation. Check what you must do to enrol!

Join the auditions

Preselection deadline: files must be submitted before the 20th of February 2022 (more information about how to submit will follow).

  • 1st Round (Theory): March 21 - March 25
  • 2nd Round (Practical): March 28 – March 30
Issue your digital authorisation via Studielink

You arrange the payment of your tuition fees via a digital authorisation. If you register early in the academic year, you will receive a message as soon as payment is possible. If you apply later in the year, immediate payment is possible.

Meet the enrolment requirements in time

Make sure you meet all requirements by 31 August 2022. Is your registration complete? Then you will receive your student card. You can download your proof of registration via Selfservice. 


You can contact us in a number of ways.